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"Does It Have to Be That Hard?": Principals' stories of supporting students with special education needs during emergency schooling 

Jeffrey MacCormack, Daniel John Anderson, Steve Sider

Diversity via Distance: Lessons learned from families supporting students with special education needs during remote learning

Jess Whitley, Jeffrey MacCormack, Ian Matheson, Jacqueline Specht, Steve Sider, Kimberly Maich


School Principals and Students With Special Education Needs in a Pandemic: Emerging Insights from Ontario, Canada

Steve Sider

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"Who is Your Nathalia?"
 Steve Sider
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School Principals: Leading the Way to Inclusive Schools

The Conversation: Schools after coronavirus: Seize 'teachable moments' about racism and inequalities

Steve Sider and Ardavan Eizadirad

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Ontario College of Teachers: Exploring Leadership Practices through Case Inquiry

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English Version

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School Principals and Students with Special Education Needs

Steve Sider, Kimberly Maich and Jhonel Morvan

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The Conversation: Every Child Matters

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Violence in schools: What can we learn from critical incidents?

Steve Sider and Mėlissa Villella

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2019 Intersectionalities Conference

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Canadian School Programs for Students with Emotional/Behavioural Disorders

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Research Sites

Dr. Steve Sider University Research Site

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Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education Site

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The Heart and Spirit of Inclusion VoicEd Radio


Listen to Kimberly Maich (Memorial University), Jhonel Morvan (Brock University) and Steve Sider (Wilfrid Laurier University) as they discuss how to support new school leaders as they begin to create inclusive school environments and communities.

Schools after coronavirus VoicEd Radio

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Listen to Sider and Eizadirad discuss "important issues that have been brought to light during the pandemic on the radar of schools and communities. In this conversation, we talk about systemic inequity, the language we use to frame the issues and some practical ways to begin conversations with staff, parents, and community members." -voicEd Radio

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