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Choose Your Own Adventure Cases

Karter's Writing: A Case of Teacher Efficacy

Explore the case of a new teacher who seeks support at a staff meeting for a student. Determine how the school principal should support the teacher and the student.

Explore the case of a principal who delivers news to staff about changes to specialized therapy funding. Decide how the principal should respond to the concerns of staff.


Explore the case of a high school vice-principal who must decide how to respond to a parent’s request for his daughter with Down Syndrome to participate in a co-op placement.  

Explore the case of a teacher who approaches a school principal to discuss the ways he is struggling to keep up with the demands of his job. Decide how the principal should support the teacher’s mental wellbeing.  

Explore the case of an elementary school principal who must decide how to respond when a student on the Autism Spectrum becomes aggressive with another student.

Ms. Lee's Decision: A Case of Funding Changes for Students with Autism

A Co-Op Placement for Charlotte

"I'm Struggling..."

Ms. Morva's Decision: A Case of Student Oppositional Behaviour & Inclusive School Culture

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The team is grateful to all of the school leaders who contributed to our research. 

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